Thursday, October 9, 2008


We just got in the most amazing Camille Rose Garcia Doll Set. You know the ones that people have been talking about and trying to get for the past few years??? Well we just got them in. One of the only stores that carries them any more. We only have a few sets left. It is only $220.00 for all 4 dolls! or $60.00 for one. But who only wants one. You need to have the complete set. Trust me. We also have the Tragic Kingdom The Art of Camille Rose Garcia book, where you can actually see most of her sketches. It is beautifully bound with gold leaf only priced at $40.00.

Also, we just go in these freaky retro looking McDonald toys come check them out at only $14.00 each!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Invasion of the Space Creeps!

Here's the flyer for our next show: Invasion of the Space Creeps! November 7th from 7-10pm at Go,Rilla! gallery.
It's a group art show featuring the following artists...
The pizz
David Lozeau
Tracy Tubera
Cheeto Arellano
Nate Mitchell
Linda Hong
Neil Winn
Amanda Dempsey
October toys
Tom Laura aka "big toe"