Monday, June 16, 2008

Dice, Dice baby

I just got the new issue of Dice in the mail and I haven't been this excited about a magazine since I got my first MAD in '79. They're up to issue 20 now and I have all but issue 2 which is super rare even on ebay. If you haven't seen this magazine yet you need to freakn' get one. Go to and order one right NOW! When it comes in the mail look at it then come back here and finnish reading....
OK welcome back. So where was I? Oh Yeah, Dice is amazing. I don't know how it's even possible to cram that much coolness into a 6"x8.5" mag. Brought to you by Dean Micetich and Matt Davis out of London, these brits cover the kustom motorcycle scene everywhere on this planet: Japan, US, Aussie, UK, EU... There's also a skateboard mag right in the middle, seriously. "Bosh" covers the skate scene past and present which is rediculous, right? There's pin-ups, freaky style guides, millions of motorcycle pics, the odd hotrod or seventies van, posters, limited edition cards and just heaps of poop. This month's Tattoo issue features our old pal and my personal tattoo artist, Sid.
Check out the bags he did with HARVEYS.

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