Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Toys!

We just got in two of the coolest blind boxes I have personally seen in a while. No lame dripping spray-paint crap just rad toys. One is Tara Mcpherson's new Gama Mutant Space Friends. We happen to have opened the complete set in the first box with only a few repeats they will go on sale when we sell all the blinds. They are just awesome toys they really feel like they popped out of her illustration work the have some pretty great articulation and some even have accessories. The next rad thing which I am even more stoked on because I am a kaiju geek is the Secret Base mini figures. They freakin' sick. They are not roto but the chase on the Skullbee mold is a Balzac paint op. For those of you who don't know who Balzac is they are the raddest Misfits Horror Punk Inspired Japanese band ever(they even did a collabo with Hello Kitty). Anyways Stop By Now and take the money the government didn't already steal on Wednesday and give it to us.

Tara McPhersons Gama Mutant Space Friends: Series includes 10 figures and 2 chases. Blind–boxed and $8 each.

Secret Base Mini Figures:Secret Base Ultimate Battle Blind Assortment Figures.
10 styles available w/ 2 chases. Inner case contains 12pcs. $2.75 each

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